REVIEW: (four stars out of five)

(NFTU) Did you know that Antiochian priests were instructed to commune Muslims? That Metropolitan Philip is a power-hungry tyrant? That Patriarch Meletius Metaxakis was a Freemason? That the Romanian Patriarchate regularly lies on its websites?

Well, if you’ve been reading NFTU, probably. (Ok, we never actually got documentation on the Muslim thing till now.) But what is amazing is that this “Orthodox Americanist” website flatly states all these facts, some of which were included in articles by clergy. Amazing!

Like watching a train wreck, reading brings almost a sense of fascination and horror– a sort of “I really didn’t want to know that” feeling as you read it. And we here at NFTU think that this makes for a positive review, since when it comes to official Orthodoxy, the truth hurts. This website is proof. It really hurts. While someone with some understanding of the canons would probably fall into a state of apoplexy over some of the odd statements made in terms of claiming that “the canon law of Orthodoxy is not being followed”, the rest of us can read and watch the fireworks from the comfort of our computers.

While we can’t appreciate their ultimate goal (some imaginary “American Orthodox Church” that exists for a tiny minority in the United States– oh, and maybe Canada) we can certainly appreciate bringing down their “mother Church” with them. What’s sad is that in the real world, this mission can’t be taken seriously, because Orthodoxy requires solidity in the faith. This is lost upon the authors of the website– who seem generally more concerned that these “old-country” bumpkins “get off their land”– but they have amply provided proof that maybe their leadership don’t “get it” either, since they allowed this madness to begin by reducing piecemeal what it means to be Orthodox to the point where it is about secular things, where spiritual matters have become worthless.

This is, sadly, a lot of what official life in the official Church means. And it’s just not about Orthodoxy anymore.

So, a word to those who have never seen this site before, and just thought life was peachy-keen in your SCOBA diocese: there are True Orthodox Churches– crazy “schismatics” who don’t do any of the interesting stuff we mentioned at the opening of this review– but just because we don’t succumb to the madness doesn’t mean we agree with the “Americanist” faction either. We just want to be Orthodox. And we have to give that warning, because if you don’t know this, you might end up seriously confused as to where is the Church in all this.

But we definitely give the editors two thumbs up for their frankness. Rdr Joseph Suaiden, NFTU