Taking away the believers ROAC four church in Suzdal, federal officials have transferred the ROC MP. State Inspectorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Vladimir region has announced a letter dated 17 March 2010 the head of the Suzdal diocese ROAC Metropolitan Valentine, head of the parish church and Tsarekonstantinovskogo Skorbyaschenskogo church Archbishop Theodore, the head of the Holy Assumption parish Bishop Irinarkh that taken from the faithful ROAC Tsarekonstantinovskaya Church , Skorbyaschenskaya Church, Assumption Church, Holy Cross, St. Nicholas church in Suzdal transferred to the “orthodox religious organization in Vladimir diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in the gratuitous use” in accordance with the issued of Vladimir Terupravleniem FAUGI Decree № 1885 from December 31 2009

Thus Inspectorate, whose leaders had to request information, refused to submit it on the grounds that these objects of cultural heritage have already been transferred authority of the ROC MP.

The Inspectorate also reported that the temple Cosmas and Damian in Suzdal is not included in the register of cultural heritage objects and asked to clarify the location of the monument.

Besides inspection by letter dated 23 March 2010 refused to provide information to the temples in villages ROAC Nettle, Borisov and Pavlovsk in connection with the ongoing litigation involving claims DIZO the Vladimir regional government to ROAC.

With regard to the temples in the villages Omutskoe, whole and Ivanovskoe inspection has requested the Charter of parishes and historical archival record of the religious affiliation of property. The same documents (charters of monasteries ROAC, historical information and consent of third parties) were invited to provide with respect to Rizopolozhenskoy Church on Golden Gate and St. Nicholas Church in the Kremlin, Vladimir, which ROAC also requested relevant information.

In early March 2010 parishes ROAC filed Vladimirskoye Terupravlenie Rosimushchestvo relevant statements of intent to obtain a free use or property in accordance with the law, all previously allocated ROAC churches in Suzdal and Suzdal area and sent relevant letters to the Inspectorate with a request to issue necessary to registration of transfer of information (copy of passport of the monument, an act of technical status, information).

Because, as grounds for refusal provided Terupravleniem order issued, the ROAC has all rights to contest this act of public body in the court.

The order violates the supreme law of Russia – the Constitution and the law 125-FZ “On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations,” The Civil Service Act, prohibiting the authorities of a secular state to provide protection of one religious organization over another. If, however, in 1997-2000, the domestic courts to recognize such a “transfer” of churches illegal, that is, be independent and to administer justice in accordance with the law, it is now, as recognized by the judicial system in Russia actually does not function as an independent branch of government , so that judges and officials openly commit crimes against their people, lobbying interests of the titular confessions – ROC MP.