ROCiE Sobor: Consecrations, Depositions, Appointments, Housecleaning?

(source: The minutes of the ROCiE’s most recent Sobor were placed online, where a number of changes took place within the jurisdiction.

The first major change was the addition of new Bishops, bringing the total number of ROCiE bishops to four. A number of the royal martyrs were officially appended to the commemorations at proskomedia as well as three new petitions relating to the Russian land to the litanies, as well as preparation for the glorification of Metropolitan Philaret of New York.

In a number of places, the ROCiE officially reacted to changes in the Russian Church for the past two years: they refused to recognize the Sobor of the ROCOR-PSCA, deferring discussion of the matter to a pastoral epistle.

After noting that Archbishop Anthony (Orlov) had been notified by registered mail of judgment at the Sobor but failed to appear he was given two months warning to repent of forming a new jurisdiction or be deposed. By contrast, the judgment given to Bp Victor (Pivovarov), his assistant, was immediate deposition. Bishop Anthony (Rudey), who had single-handedly consecrated Bishops and separated from the Synod, was ordered to cease serving immediately.

Noting that the Luriyites, a group of “name-worshippers” who were banned from the ROAC and were now under the deposed Sebastian of Chelabyinsk had contacted them, the Sobor resolved to deny them from communion altogether.

Bp Victor (Parbus), one of the new Bishops, was assigned the position of Synodal secretary, and a number of awards were granted to priests for years of service.