Milan Synod: Priest taken in from COI

(ortodossia-in-occidente) Fr Daniel Manea and his parish in Lazio (Latina) have come under the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Eulogius of Milan (Autonomous Western Synod). Fr Daniel was originally under the “Church of Italy” under the late Metropolitan Antonio (De Rosso).

The Church of Italy, originally a Cyprianite jurisdiction which eventually rejected the Church calendar and joined with Filaret (Denisenko) is now down, according to the website’s latest directory, to three priests publically under Metropolitan Basil of Ostia, formerly of the AWS, received in two years ago. This leaves one priest in the Church of Italy in the region.

With the death of Metropolitan Antonio, a charismatic figure despite his unique ecclesiology, the COI seems headed for either absorption into one of its “sister Churches”– or piecemeal return to the Autonomous Church in Milan. Upon his repose Metropolitan Eulogius wrote a conciliatory letter, despite their competition for parishes in this life.