RocOC: “Mech-I-Trost” news site forcibly closed; mirror up

UPDATE: The site was removed due to Russia’s new “anti-terrorist” law, which has now had severe repercussions on the ROAC as well. Apparently True Orthodox are now “terrorists” in Russia. Strangely, it was reported by, which had apparently lost its funding sources a month ago (the “funding sources” are themselves worthy of note) but are strangely still operating: “The Russian service provider, the server that was posted content on the Mech-I-Trost site(MIT), created with the blessing of Metropolitan of ROCOR, Vitaly (Ustinov) Orthodox publicist Vladimir Cherkasov-Georgevsky, ended access to the site on May 28, according to Portal-Credo. About six weeks ago, Vladimir Cherkasov-Georgevsky was summoned for questioning in the prosecutor’s office, where he was told that his activities became of interest to the FSB. Shortly thereafter, the chief editor of “MT” emigrated to Australia. Back in January this year, by order of the FSB, access to the archives of a site hosted on the “Yandex/Narod” servers were terminated .  

This occurred soon after the court recognized the Russian Orthodox Church – RosPTs under omofor Metropolitan Damascus (Balabanov) as an “extremist” Religion. As explained by Vladimir Cherkasov-Georgevsky the real cause of reprisals against him and the site was the fact that they were “eight years of exposing the anti-people ruling regime of Russia and its ideological structure of the Moscow Patriarchate”. END UPDATE

Mech-I-Trost (Sword-and-Cane), a large news site which covered all the the Russian jurisdictions with a focus on the RocOC under Metropolitan Damascene, whom the webmasters are under, has disappeared, with the web host claiming either non-payment or violation of terms. We hope an explanation is forthcoming and that this is not part of a governmental attack on a growing jurisdiction. The site is one of the few large-scale True Orthodox news aggregators in Russia.

Update. The official site of the RocOC is still up.

Update. The mirror site for Mech-I-Trost is still up.