Moscow Patriarchate Asks for “Mercy” for Convicted

Oh, please. The MP asks for mercy after the trial?  If they get released at the behest of the MP, it would be the most ridiculous…. This is the last story on the punk trial I’m doing. That’s it. Back to real news, people. Nothing to see here, let’s move along.

Via RIA Novosti:

The Supreme Council of the Russian Orthodox Church asked the authorities to show mercy toward the three members of the Pussy Riot punk band who were sentenced to two years in prison on Friday.
“We ask the authorities to show mercy to the convicts, hoping that they will not repeat their blasphemous actions,” the council said in a statement, adding that the church considers the legitimacy of the court’s ruling indisputable.

The three have already spent more than five months in pretrial detention, which, according to Russian legislation, is the equivalent of ten months in prison.