There Is Always More

Updated: Punk Trial Verdict: GUILTY – Two Years
August 17, 2012
Moscow Patriarchate Asks for “Mercy” for Convicted
August 17, 2012

There Is Always More

Many have not had the time or inclination to do a great deal of research into the trial taking place in Russia, nor into the events which precipitated it. I would not say that of those on this site, but, definitely, it seems in many other places.  For example, would one be surprised to learn that the punk rock group in question has heavy connections to Western government funded organizations; as well as connections to pro-extremist groups? NGO organizations run by George Soros? Or other groups heavily funded by the US government, and other Western powers that have  goals inimical to the current Russian government (and even inimical to all good in general, irrespective of the problems of Russia)? There are two authors who go over a lot of this information. Here and Here.

The collective “Voina” of which this group is a part, has repeatedly engaged in very horrific acts in the sight of children and in public.  And, the ‘mock prayer’ to the Theotokos, that this song performed in the Cathedral contained, was laced with a great deal of obscenities.  While a few years is, I agree, too much, the reaction of all in this matter as regards the group and its wider associations must be guarded. This would have been similar if this had occurred in Poland or many other nations, so, Russia itself is not unique.

Even those who greatly dislike the Putin policies, United Russia, and all the methods employed, must also realize that there are opponents in Russia who have just as sinister plans for the nation.  We often think in terms of two-dimensional ‘warfare’ of sorts; but, the world today is one in which you have asymmetrical warfare.  One side is attacked by another side, both are painted as good or evil, and a false dialectic is created; each side is forced to either support or accept the general agenda of the other and any attempt to raise questions about, and entirely reject, the proposed dialect and false dichotomy is met with astonishment, scorn, or equal hatred as to the enemy.  While, in the meantime, the powers behind the scenes are involved in funding both sides; and even in those situations in which they aren’t, the elite have a means of turning any opposition to them to their own advantage.

Nevertheless, why is it when one looks at articles on many of these organizations with ties to the anti-Putin groups, you always have to see pictures with Phanar hierarchs in them; like this one in which the “National Endowment for Democracy” gives an award to a Tunisian revolutionary (the one who helped overthrow their previous dictatorial government and institute coalition rule by socialist and Islamic factions):


  1. B.Peter Brandt-Sørheim says:

    After the rude and sacreligious perfomance by that rock group in the sacred precincts, other than call for the arrest of the perpetrators, did the clergy of the cathedral also perform an exorcism and reconsecration?

    • NFTU says:

      No, but some read NFTU, so I sure they will now consider it.

      Since I don’t believe they can really bless, and that that “temple” is primarily used as a strip mall, it would offend my sensibilities to see that. The sham could continue.

    • FatherAugustine Fetter says:

      I was brought to watching a clip of the occurrence in Christ the Saviour cathedral, while watching the BBC. It was very bad, and, no matter how much I dislike the MP, I can honestly say what was done was reprehensible. But, as has been noted, one can honestly wonder about the de-sacralizing of a professed holy place (the MP cathedral) by the MP’s own use of their facilities in it to engage in a money making operation. The difference sees to be one of legality and illegality. The MP’s actions seem more quiet and ‘respectable’, and they have the force of law in allowing the business on their property; the punk rock bad did commit acts which would have been punished in other nations, but, they violate the property rights (in a legal sense) of the MP. I see no ‘winners’ or ‘losers’; both sides have something deeply wrong spiritually; the MP has its own Sergianist past and present combined with the heresy of ecumenism and its continue abuse of power and corruption, while these ‘protesters’ have a fundamentally anti-Christian world view without any pretense.

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