Two New Bishops Received into the American Metropolia for Russia, Germany

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February 24, 2017
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Two Bishops who were part of the the previous communion between the American Metropolia, the Synod of Metropolitan Raphael of Moscow and the Synod of Metropolitan Anghelos of Avlona have been received directly under the jurisdiction of the American Metropolia. According to the Metropolia’s official press release:

“The Chancery Office of the Metropolia has been informed by its First Hierarch, Metropolitan John, that the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Metropolia has received Metropolitan Daniel of Volokolamsk, originally ordained to the Episcopate by Metropolitan Rafail and Metropolitan John, and Archbishop Vissarion of Munich, originally ordained to the Episcopate by Metropolitan Anghelos and Metropolitan Gervase, into their number as their Brothers and Ruling Bishops under the omophor of His Beatitude, Metropolitan John.  Glory be to God.”

The two Metropolitans will be ruling Bishops in Russia and Germany, as well as full voting members of the American Synod until such time as a more canonical structure can be established on the principle of territoriality in the two countries.

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  1. Benoit says:

    Est- ce que ces deux évêques ont des paroisses ? des communautés ? Non ! Quand on voit le fb de Mgr Daniel, il n’est question que de lui. On ne le voit jamais célébrer. Curieusement, il apparaît sur la Sainte Montagne. Mais à quel titre ??? Vanité, vanité

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