Belarus Laws Head in More Pro-life Direction

January 16th, 2013 As reported on and other sites, the laws in Belarus are moving in a greater pro-life direction. That is, the list of reasons allowing an abortion has been limited. This does not mean an outright ban on the monstrous practice of abortion, but, it does seem to be a reaction by the government to great pressure from religious leaders, as well as the decreasing prevalency of abortion. According to official government statistic in 2000, 121,900 women had abortions, in 2010, only 27,662 women had abortions, and in 2011 the numbers were around 26 858.

However, the new restrictions do not apply to women who have abortions carried out up to the 12th week of their child-bearing.  The new government rules put restrictions on abortions only have the 22nd week.  The new laws state women can kill their children only for the following reasons:1) “medical reasons”, 2) rape, and 3) in cases where the woman is deprived of parental rights.

Even these definitions that allow child murder after the 22nd week are extremely vague in certain instances, and morally indefensible in all cases.  What does ‘medical reasons’ mean?  The “life of the mother” exemption that many pro-life people will grudgingly admit (since, many mothers act as mothers and give their lives for their children). What of the rape exemption? Why should the one person be murdered for the evil actions of another?

And when the ‘woman is deprived of parental rights’? So, if the woman looses, or fears loosing custody, it would be better to butcher the child than surrender him/her? Is that not really either an act of ultimate spite or one that, like so many today embraces the fallacies of situational ethics (“The child will not have a good life,” they say; as if any but God can know what really is in the future or what is truly the goodness that their life will exude!).

Nevertheless, it is to be applauded that even these restrictions have been put in place. Though, the guess is ventured that the Belorussian governments political motivation may be the huge demographic drop (the same with Russia, and most Western countries, even China, with is one-child policy, is actually far below replacement levels). The world will, by and large, see a massive demographic decline after 2050, the likes of which it has seen few times in history.

As noted above, part of this initiative, at least on the surface, was instigated by the laudable moves of the religious leaders (notably, the Roman Catholic and Moscow Patriarchate representatives).  Whether this was one of genuine concern for more than just demographic decline, or it was actual moral back-bone, we do not know currently.  However, the result, nevertheless, is moving in the right direction. As many readers will remember, the MP Metropolitan of Kiev, Vladimir (Sobodan), was widely reported in his opposition to any laws restricting abortion; despite the protests of the Uniate Greek Catholic bishops and others. As a result, the attempts by the Christian populace of Ukraine to have a near out-right abortion ban were carried through in the parliament were narrowly defeated.  In similar fashion, the statements by World Orthodox leaders, like Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, in which he supports the abortion  of mentally retarded and handicapped/deformed children, and then his refusal to withdraw his well-known support for these grizzly procedures, have given themselves to the additional moral decay within the World Patriachates. Especially the heavy tone of racial hygiene that have been present in the Greek popoulace, and others (let us not forget the racial hygiene courts, which later became known as ‘family courts’ in the US; they originally sterilized people).