ROCOR-A: Iconographer priest joins ROCOR-A; to serve in Australia

( Hieromonk Andrei (Erastov) of the GOC-Makarios Synod has joined the ROCOR under Metropolitan Agafangel. The move was announced July 4 on the Russian version of the ROCOR-A website.

A well-known iconographer (formerly of Jordanville), Father Andrei is being sent to Melbourne, Australia to help Hiermonk John (Smelic) with the overwhelming demand from multiple parishes, being one of the only clerics of the ROCOR-A in the area. Recently, there were complaints from the Australian parishes that they had insufficient clergy to assist, and it was suggested by Metr Agafangel to bring forward clerical candidates to solve the problem. Perhaps the introduction of Fr Andrei will help with the clergy situation and help unburden the parishes there.