ROCOR-V: Bp Anastassy of Vladivostok says Glorification will be held in Kyiv

( Bishop Anastassy of Vladivostok and the Far East is challenging the location of the glorification of St Philaret as well as confused by the visa granted by the American Church district– and declared the recent declarations concerning the Sobor and glorification to be “null and void”.

In an open letter dated May 3, Bishop Anastassy writes: “Declaring publicly, in your “proclamation” to start the work of the Council of Bishops on the 13th of August, you gave indication — in the official invitation to me to this Sobor for the Canadian Embassy in Moscow to obtain visas, the date of my stay in Canada from 20 to 24 August. This way, you originally planned, my non-participation in the Council of the Bishops, because of the visa, I will open able to attend from August 20th.”

Bishop Anastassy referred to the fact that the glorification in Canada a “provocation” towards those in the Eurasian diocese who would not be able to attend– he appears to indicate the glorification was supposed to be in Kyiv– and stated that such seemed to be aimed at destroying Church unity.

We at NFTU hope a compromise can be reached– and soon. If not, at least the true Orthodox world has more nice new icons and services for St Philaret.