ROCOR-A Sends Official Letters to ROAC, ROCOR-Vl, RTOC Concerning Dialogue

Update (Dec 16): Confirmed. Hat tip to F.A., R.D., D.B., A.A. and others! Portal-Credo reports that both Archbishop Tikhon of RTOC and Metropolitan Valentine of ROAC are willing to discuss ecclesiastical issues with Metropolitan Agafangel of ROCOR-A. We are following this story closely. 

NFTU: According to the official website of the Russian Church Abroad under Metropolitan Agafangel, [link], provisions concerning dialogue with other Russian True Orthodox jurisdictions have been immediately put into effect with three letters requesting dialogue to Metropolitan Valentine of the ROAC, Archbishop Tikhon of RTOC, and Archbishop Vladimir of the ROCOR-Vl.

The letter to Metr Valentine can be found here. [Russian]
The letter to Abp Tikhon can be found here. [Russian]
The letter to Abp Vladimir can be found here. [Russian]

The short letters have as a common theme the desire to establish dialogue “in order to ascertain and clarify our differences”, and politely request a response for a decision concerning such.  This decision is a breakthrough result of the Synodal meetings, published this week on NFTU, which considered the possibility of entering into communion without formal submission of one Synod to another.