ROCOR-A Synod Meeting Issues Rules For Filing Complaints Against Synod

November 21, 2014  (Source:

(Warning: Machine Translation)

Decision on the Rules for Filing Complaints Against Synod of Bishops and Sobor

According to the Sixth Canon of the Second Ecumenical Council, private complaints about a bishop if it is contrary to state laws such as trying to rob someone of their property, are taken without consideration of the individual accuser and his religion.

If the charge  is of an ecclesiastical character,  it should be considered in the presence of the person accuser. You are not accept any accusation from  heretics, and also from the Department of Church and collecting assembly against our right to ordain bishops. Do not accept complaints from hose prohibited from serving and from laity who are prohibited from Holy Communion. Such are not allowed to file complaints (except complaints concerning that of a personal appeal of the case) until they exonerate themselves with their own charges. Also, do not accept complaints from those who are under investigation, as long as they do not come true from being built on them charges.

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