Abp. Kallinikos, Bp. Photius, and Bp. Ambrose (GOC-K) Travel to Italy to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Diocese of Luna under Bp. Silvan

November 21,  2014  (Source:  http://www.ecclesiagoc.gr)

Thursday 24-10 / 06.11.2014

On Thursday 24th October / 6th November, 2014, the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Kallinikos, accompanied by His Grace, Kyr. Photius, Bishop of Marathon, and Kyr. Ambrose, Bishop of Methoni, went to Italy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Diocese of Luna.

Abp. Kallinikos  on the 25th of October (7 Novermber), 2014 went from Greece to the Holy Monastery of the Archangel Michael in Loazzolo, northwest of Genoa. The 7 member Russian Brotherhood, chief priests, welcomed him warmly.

After the Divine Liturgy, Bishop Silvanus of Luna gave as a gift to His Beatitude  a piece of the Sacred Relics of St. Alexandra of Kentoukellais.  But the most touching was his offering to His Beatitude  from the children a scroll containing the first chapter of Luke’s Gospel written by the and of the children.

Archbishop Kallinikos returned to Athens on Monday October 28 / November 10, 2014, after having shortly toured different sites at Rome.

For a somewhat fuller reporting of the events in the Greek language.