ROCOR-PSCA Confirms ROCOR decision on Grace From 2003

( On May 15 (New Style), the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia-“Provisional Supreme Church Authority” under Archbishop Agafangel confirmed the decisions of the ROCOR under Metropolitan Laurus (Skurla) of May 3, 2003 that those who broke communion with the ROCOR under Metropolitan Vitaly (Ustinov) no longer had the grace of sacraments.

This places the PSCA in a strange position. Whereas the Cyprianites, with whom the PSCA is in communion, do recognize the mysteries of the other Old Calendar Greek groups, it would seem the PSCA is opting to recognize–besides their own– only the validity of the mysteries of the ROCOR under Metropolitan Hilarion, as well as the Moscow Patriarchate, deferring to a “Church council” to make a decision on their mysteries.

The RTOC’s website makes clear this is a final blow to any talk of union between the various Russian True Orthodox jurisdictions who wished to dialogue with the PSCA.


Decree of the ROCA PSEA
Regarding relations with the Moscow Patriarchate
and those who separated from the ROCA before May 17th, 2007.

The ROCA PSEA does not consider the “Act of Eucharistic Communion” to be in accordance with the traditional relationship of the ROCA to the Moscow Patriarchate. Therefore, it is deemed necessary to issue a final judgment on it at the coming All-Diaspora Sobor. Until a corresponding collegial determination on the matter is issued, the basis of our relationship should be the Status of the parishes of the free Russian Orthodox Church, approved by the ROCOR Synod of Bishops on May 2/15, 1990.

Since the last year did not bring the anticipated determination of those who separated from us to restore their affiliation to the Church Abroad, the following decision is announced:

Regarding ROCOR(V) — they are deemed an arbitrary assembly and the ordinations and cosecrations performed by them are considered incomplete.

Regarding those who split off from ROCA earlier, and in light of their unwillingness to be a part of ROCA and their establishment of new church structures, relationships with them should be governed by collegial and synodal decisions approved previously.

Regarding ROAC –the Resolution of the ROCOR Bishops’ Sobor of 1996 to deny Bishop Valentin clerical standing remains in force and his future actions as a cleric will not be recognized.

Regarding RTOC — the Decision of the ROCA Holy Synod on May 3/16, 2003, to forbid Archbishop Lazarus and Bishop Venyamin from serving remains in force. Therefore, all of their later actions as clerics may not be considered valid.

Bishop of Taurida and Odessa, Chairman of the ROCA PSEA

Bishop of Ottawa and North America, Vice Chairman of the ROCA PSEA

Bishop of St. Petersburg and Northern Russia

Fr. Vladimir Petrenko
(representing PSEA member Archpriest Georgiy Petrenko)

Hieromonk Arseniy
PSEA Secretary

15 May 2008 (from