ROCOR (V/A): New Ordination in California

(source: On April 4th, 2009 in the convent of Our Lady of Vladimir in Moss Beach, California, his Grace Vladimir, Bishop of San Francisco and Western America, ordained deacon John Kochergin to the priesthood. Father John is assigned to serve at the above mentioned convent.

He was born in 1978 in Santa Clara, California and his parents are protodeacon Alexander and matushka Lena (former Eleni) Kochergin. Father John spent his youth as an altar server in the All Russian saints Church in Burlingame, California. He attended several summer choir-director classes at Jordanville and was a temporary conductor at the Burlingame church.

When the church discord began in 2000 he immediately took metropolitan Vitali’s side and began attending the above mentioned convent first as a layman and then as deacon. Father John works as a fireman and now lives in the state of Nevaada with his wife Katerina and one-year old son Damian.