ROCOR V/A takes in ROCOR-MP priest

Metropolitan Herman (OCA) takes “sick leave” as Investigative Committe Report is presented to OCA Synod
September 4, 2008
Seraphimo-Gennadite Bishop, other Catacomb Bishop Enter into Communion with ROCOR-PSCA
September 5, 2008

ROCOR V/A takes in ROCOR-MP priest

(NFTU) Bp Vladimir of San Fransisco, ROCOR-V/A, has taken in another priest from the ROCOR jurisdiction– in Metropolitan Hilarion’s Australian Diocese.

According to the ROCOR-V/A’s website, “The feast was held in the presence of Kursk Root icon of Most Holy Theotokos, the icon that was a blessed Metropolitan Viltay’s personal copy of that miracle-working icon. Vladyka has also accepted into communion Fr. Nikifor (Vidanovich) from Australia, who expressed his resolution to join Russian Orthodox Church Abroad from a neo-sergianist schism, organized by (now deceased) archbishop Laurus.”


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