Seraphimo-Gennadite Bishop, other Catacomb Bishop Enter into Communion with ROCOR-PSCA

(NFTU) The letter above was printed on the occasion of the reception into communion of two Bishops into the ROCOR-PSCA, one of whom was a member of the “Seraphimo-Gennadite” Catacomb Church. The two Bishops were Bishop John (Zaitsev) and Athanasius (Savitsky)

The “Seraphimo-Gennadite” Church is a catacomb branch which claims that a few days before the death of Bp Seraphim (Pozdeev) that he single-handedly elevated Bp Gennady (Sekach) to the episcopate (however, according to their followers, there were at least three catacomb Bishops in Russia who gave their consent). Bp Gennady created a large catacomb network before reposing in 1987. Since 1987 the jurisdiction has splintered somewhat as well as taken some embarrassing public actions, but is still respected in many quarters as one of the successors to the original Catacomb Church.

The text above is a general text of reception; this is the first formal union and reception of the Seraphimo-Gennadite Hierarchy in any branch of the ROCOR.

Bp Vladimir of the ROCOR-“V/A” communicated with Seraphimo-Gennadite clergy in May of 2008, but nothing was publicly resolved.