Romanian True Orthodox Church: Metropolitan Vlasie Deposed, Does Not Recognize Deposition as Canonical

The Synod of the Romanian Old Calendar Orthodox Church in May deposed its First Hierarch, Metropolitan Vlasie; not long after, they broke Communion with their counterparts in the GOC-K, Bulgarian Old Calendar Orthodox Church, and the ROCOR-A
The reasons given by the Romanian Synod were various canonical crimes and infractions committed by Metropolitan Vlasie during his over 30 years in office; the most serious accusation involved claims of an illicit decades long relationship with a nun and lack of a functioning Synodal system in Romanian.  A series of posts on  Slatioara Monastery website contains further information about the controversy.
The Romanian Synod’s reason for a breach in Communion with its former Sister Churches has to do with the issue of a formal anathematization of the Sick-Healthy Ecclesiology, commonly referred to as “Cyprianism” (named after Met. Cyprian of Oropos and Phyle).  The Romanian Bishops have continued to affirm that they will not restore communion with the other Churches until Cyprianism is anathematized and the Confession of Faith promulgated by the Romanian Bishops accepted by the others.  
Metropolitan Vlasie, however, has not accepted the validity of the actions against him, disputes their veracity, and continues to serve; it is unclear, at this point, however, what the position of the GOC-K, Bulgarians, and ROCOR-A is on the deposition, or whether they intend to recognize Metropolitan Vlasie.  
The Romanian Old Calendar Orthodox Church is the largest single True Orthodox Christian jurisdiction in the world.