RusOC Holds General Council

Between February 11 and 13, a general council of the RusOC (РосПЦ) was held which made a number of determinations on the status of priests of the Moscow Patriarchate and other matters. It was attended by Damascene (Balabanov), Metropolitan of Moscow and Russia, First-Hierarch of RusOC; John (Zinoviev), Archbishop of Zaporizhzhya and Malorossiysky, Exarch of All Ukraine;

Gregory (Krens), Bishop of Belgorod and the South of Russia; and Vladimir (Matveev), Bishop of Voskresensky, vicar of Moscow and the Central Russian diocese.

Information about the council is in linked translation above. The RusOC formed in the midst of the schisms that took place in the ROCOR (V) in 2006.