World ‘Orthodox’ Call for “Healing” [i.e. Abandoning] Chalcedon For Union With Monophysite Heretics

October 28, 2015  (Source:

The Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College, Toronto, offering the only ATS-accredited Orthodox MTS and MDiv degrees in Canada, recently hosted a successful conference entitled “Healing Chalcedon: The quest for restored communion between the Eastern Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox Churches 25 years after the agreed statements.”

Dedicated to the memory of the late beloved Anglican bishop, Henry Hill, who spent so much of his life travelling to the Christian East, offering support to churches there and helping western Christians learn about them, the conference brought together invited guests and faculty of Trinity College to speak about various aspects of the ongoing dialogue between the two families of Orthodox Churches separated since the Fourth Ecumenical Council at Chalcedon in 451.

The keynote address was delivered by Rev Canon Dr Alyson Barnett-Cowan, president of the Canadian Council of Churches, who spoke about “Anglicans and the Table of Orthodox Dialogue”. Subsequent talks gave participants an overview of the theological agreements that were made 25 years ago, as well as outlining both remaining issues and positive avenues forward towards restored communion.

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