Russia should be an assignee of the Russian Empire, Russian theologian believes

Amazing. Instead of “Russia must repent” as St John of Kronsdadt and other saints have claimed, we have a deacon of the Moscow Patriarchate asking to declare the Communist regime illegal. Why? To “deny all responsibility”. Will the people repent of the sin of regicide as a whole, government and all? Or do they expect to simply do a quick “fix”? Expect a pseudo-tsar eventually. –NFTU

(Interfax) Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy Deacon Andrey Kurayev suggested that Russian authorities should declare the country an assignee of the Russian Empire.

“It would be right to declare the Russian Federation an assignee of the Russian Empire, or more precisely, the Russian Republic, in other words to say that October coup 1917 stopped all legal work in our country, to consider all further statutory acts as adopted by dictator junta and today the state consider them legally insignificant,” Fr. Andrey said on Monday to an Interfax-Religion correspondent.

He further proposed to declare laws of the Russian Republic of 1917 acting and “the next day after it, adopt a package of laws of the modern Russian Federation.”

According to Deacon Kurayev, this step should be preceded by “scaled work of highly professional legal experts.”

“Then it will be clear that Russian can be not afraid of any accusations in holodomor, genocide and so on and it will open very interesting space both for legislative and political maneuver and creative work,” the interviewee of the agency said.

Earlier, the acting secretary of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Fr. Georgy Ryabykh in his interview to the agency urged Russian authorities to denounce Communism saying that such denouncement “has begun in 1990s, but we failed to see it through.” He also urged the state to denounce “the overthrow of lawful authority” referring to the shooting of the Imperial family.