Soviet Church News: Patr Kirill laments USSR Fall and More!

During the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture (formerly known before Soviet times as the Feast of Sts Cyril and Methodius, Patriarch Kirill lamented the fall of the Soviet Union as a “great nation” during his short speech, after which he congratulated the educational systems for the end of the school year. “Here is an image of what happens to a person with family, people and state, if the root system is destroyed. Do not need no wind, no earthquake, no war: the great country could collapse within a few days and we are witnessing, as it did in 1990.”

1990 was a reference to the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the Patriarch’s mind, a “great nation”.


In related news, the MP’s  Metropolitan Varsanufie of Mordova commemorated the 80th anniversary of the  Federal Penitentiary Service (formerly known as the GULag) in Mordova.

This congratulation for one of the most murderous systems in history is so strange we thought we’d reproduce the translation in full.

Message Varsonofy, Metropolitan of Saransk and Mordovia, the Manager of the Moscow Patriarchate, in connection with the 80 – anniversary of the FPS of Russia in the Republic of Mordovia

Dear Oleg! Dear members and veterans of the Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Republic of Mordovia!
Please accept my sincere congratulations to the 80 – anniversary of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Republic of Mordovia!
From a historical point of view of 80 years – a relatively short period, but during that time you went all the way from the first building constructed in the impenetrable forests of Mordovia to one of the best Russian penal system, mastered the territory of Potma to Barasheva stretching over 50 kilometers.
Your daily work on the execution of punishment for those who committed the crime, is to serve our motherland and requires you to full exertion of all physical and spiritual strength. Executing Punishment convicted of a crime, you strengthen your faith in justice, and helping to convict on the path to patch, you return them back to life and protects the public from further crimes.
From time immemorial in Russia in the life of a soldier of people other than your own benefit was a place for the care of neighbors, use the Fatherland and the glory of God. The orthodox way of life is harmony of human relations with God and between people, filled human life with meaning, kept from sin and crime.
Return to the spiritual origins of our homeland has made it possible to combine the efforts of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church in the education and correction of prisoners serving sentences in prison.
It is gratifying to note that in the intervening years between the FPS of Russia and the Republic of Mordovia, Saransk diocese established good relations of cooperation and collaboration based on mutual understanding, respect and trust each other. Jointly create conditions to remedy the spiritual and moral rebirth of convicts, which will undoubtedly bring forth fruit in their lives many of them.
During the period from 2000 to present radeniem management and staff of the FPS of Russia in the Republic of Mordovia in the penal colonies built five churches and 3 of the temple are at the stage of completion.
April 26, 2011 signed a new agreement on cooperation and interaction between the FPS of Russia and the Republic of Mordovia Saransk diocese, which became another step in the development of our relations.
I wish you good health, prosperity and God’s aid in your performance to the benefit of our Fatherland. Many good summer to you!

Varsonofi, Metropolitan of Saransk and Mordovia,
Chancellor of the Moscow Patriarchate