New Studay: Serbs Trust the Army More than the Patriarchate

(Source: Senitsa.Ru)

According to a survey conducted by the Center of Strategic Marketing, for the first time since 2000, the credibility of the Church in Serbia is lower than the credibility of the Army. A positive attitude toward the Army has 42% of the respondents, while the Church has received the positive support of 41%, according B92.

Commentary:Is it any wonder that the majority of Serbs now have a growing dislike for the Serbian Patriarchate? The institution is notoriously corrupt on a moral level, and bankrupt on a theological level because of its commitment to ecumenism and modernism.  Yet, despite the large scale public dislike, the Serbian Patriarchate still finds time to persecute violently and by other means, the fledgling traditionalist, true Orthodox Christians of Serbia that resist the modernism and ecumenism of the Patriarchate.