Synod In Resistance: 17th Anti-Ecumenical Conference Held

(source: The 17th annual conference against ecumenism was held on March 8 and was reported recently on the official website of the Synod in Resistance. Notable was the fact that the acting president of the Synod, Bishop Cyprian of Oreoi, made reference to “the dissenting stance of contemporary Athonite Fathers, who have reached the point of declaring that “on the basis of the Sacred Canons, our Patriarchate has been left leaderless, in that Heaven has struck the present Patriarch from the list of Orthodox Patriarchs….”

It appears possible that the “Cyprianite” position is in fact heading towards the more common Old Calendarist position that the Patriarchate is outside the Orthodox Church. Whether this is due to or a result of recent high level discussions with the GOC-Chrysostomos remains to be seen. NFTU