Teachers of Catholic universities oppose beatification of Pius XII

During the WWII years of 1941-45 Pope Pius XII was complicit in the murders of more than 500,000 Orthodox Christian Serbs, Jews and Roma (Gypsies) in Croatia, Bosnia, and Krajinathe by the ultra fanatic Roman Catholic Croatian fascists known as the Ustasha. Orthodox Serbs (Pravoslavni) were forcibly converted to Papism, raped,tortured or killed because of their faith.

Ustaha leader Ante Pavelic was welcomed to the Vatican by Pius XII who praised him for outlawing abortion in Croatia while back home his Utasha thugs were busy with their barbaric assaults and butchery.

Vicktor Steinac, a Croation Catholic Prelate was found guilty in 1946 by a Belgrade court of collaborating with the Utasha and complicity for allowing the forced conversion of Orthodox Serbs to Papism and sentenced to 16 yrs, serving only 5. In 1952 he was appointed a Cardinal by Pius XII.

In 1998 Pope John Paul II declared him a martyr and beautified him paving his way to sainthood.

ROME. 18 teachers of Catholic universities in Germany, Australia and the United States sent a letter to Benedict XVI, which asked not to hurry with the beatification of Pius XII.

Teachers expressed concern that the anticipated beatification “irreparably worsen relations of the Catholic Church with Judaism.”
Pius XII is accused of silence about the Holocaust, but the Vatican considers these charges unfounded.

Their worried about the beatification irreparably worsening relations with Judaism, how about some concern with the Orthodox Serbian Holocaust he was complicit in among other things .