The Ecumenists Protest! In Defense of Nicolae Corneanu

The news in pictures.

It’s times like this where we wish we could include all the pictures on the eleven-picture photo album. We highly recommend looking at all the photos by clicking here. The one with the “Zen” T-shirt guy is our personal favorite.NFTU

(Timisoara; posted at Over 500 people of all stripes, Orthodox Ecumenists, Greek Catholic Ecumenists, Protestant Ecumenists, and Evangelical Ecumenists gathered together in Timisoara June 15 to defend their leader, Metropolitan Nicolae Corneanu of Banat, for taking communion in a Roman Catholic monastery.

Judging from the pictures on the link, these devoted ecumenists appear to all be well over the age of reason (and this was clearly not a youth protest) which should give the Patriarchate cause for concern. Considering a SWAT team was needed for 107 elderly monks, a tank or two may be needed here for future disruptions. We here at NFTU think that this powerful movement will cause the Patriarch to rethink deposing Metropolitan Nicolae. (Ok, that’s not true: for those who follow this, we never thought they’d depose him anyway.)