The First Ever… Ecumenist Film Festival!

Joseph Suaiden

According to a press release on WFN’s website, the National Council of Churches is seeking submissions for Oikumene, the first-ever “Ecumenical Film Festival”. Clicking on the link above will bring you to the press release, where the motivation for the new film-festival is to “promote further exploration of visual media as a form of ecumenical expression”.

Frankly, this is another perfect example of how ecumenism is truly a religion of self-worship at its core.

The “why” of ecumenist self-worship is simple enough. Each person has a “part” of the truth; thus we work together to reveal “the whole truth” in ecumenical dialogue. On the outside, this sounds like humility. The truth, however, is that ecumenism is a fear of truth, not simply in our own thinking, but in that of others. Ecumenism encourages not simply “learning from other religions” but making one’s own experience paramount”.

But we don’t often see the “how” except in humanitarian work and in common worship. Still, this is enough to see the self-worship. Ecumenist services are filled with long gloats of enlightenment and “self-esteem” and self-proclaimed “progress”. In the end, the greater result of ecumenism (watering down of faith in mainline Churches) has caused more a dropping off of faith than anything else. But among the committed ecumenists (see “Is Ecumenism a Religion?” on this site) “ecumenical progress” is usually noted by worldly awards, photo-ops, literary contracts….

So a “Film Festival” was to be expected.

Here at NFTU, we have a pretty strong feeling this festival is going to get two thumbs down.