An American in Russia : Archimandrite Andrei in Moscow

(Moscow – NFTU) ROAC Archimandrite Andrei (Maklakov) is currently in Moscow (pictured right of Fr Vladimir Shsihkoff and Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal), according to multiple sources who confirmed his recent departure. Recent discussion and speculation from Russia indicate that Archimandrite Andrei, already an episcopal candidate, would be made Bishop of the see of Yaroslavl, which has a parish under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan and Holy Synod.

While there were originally at least three episcopal candidates (one has since died and the other is currently suspended indefinitely by the Synod on charges of sedition) Fr Andrei (Maklakov) appears to be the only episcopal candidate currently resident in the United States. The election would make Archimandrite Andrei the the first Bishop of the ROAC in America since the departure of former Archbishop Gregory of Denver in 2004.

Previously Fr Michael Maklakov in the world, Fr Andrei was originally a priest of the ROCOR before being involved in the early part of the HOCNA schism of 1986. He remained one of two clergy (himself and Fr Anthony Gavalas) to stay with their previous hierarch, Akakios of Attaki and Diavleia as opposed to following the future HOCNA into the Auxentios Synod. He finally joined the True Orthodox Church of Greece under Archbishop Andrew of Athens before personal circumstances prompted him to become a monk. He was tonsured a monk at Dormition Skete before their schism and noted for his knowledge of Russian before being released to the Synod of the ROAC by his abbot in 2004 to be made an episcopal candidate. Hieromonk Andrei was raised to the level of Hegumen in 2004 and Archimandrite in 2005.