TOC Nuns Venerating Relics Forced out of ROCOR-MP Cathedral

Some days we just wonder what goes through the minds of some folks. In this case we are trying to understand why a priest of any jurisdiction would begin harrassing nuns who were obviously there to simply venerate the relics of saints.

(Right: The “Security Threat” at the SF ROCOR-MP Cathedral)

Mother Evfrosina and another nun of the monastery of Novi Stjenik (True Orthodox Church of Serbia) were reportedly removed from a monastery in anger from the Joy of All Who Sorrow Cathedral, where the tomb of St John of Shanghai is located, by a cathedral clergyman, allegedly Fr Peter Perekrestov after refusing to venerate the cross in his hands.

The nuns had apparently been praying at St John of Shanghai’s relics throughout the Vespers service at Wednesday, as well as customarily bringing notes requesting intercessions from believers and prayer ropes to give to others as blessings.They were apparently still praying before the tomb when they were approached by the priest demanding that they kiss the cross that he had held during the service. When they politely refused on the basis that he was a priest of the Moscow Patriarchate, he began to argue that they should kiss the cross if not his hand, and began yelling towards nearby parishoners that the nuns refused to venerate the cross of Christ, and further claiming they were an embarrassment to St John, “whose Cathedral it is”.

(Left: Fr Peter Perekrestov, Alleged instigator and would-be security detail)

Embarrassingly, the nuns were ordered to leave, which they did quickly. Upon considering for a moment, they decided to see if it would be possible to return for a few moments, upon which they discovered the doors from which they were escorted out were already locked.

We are sure many are relieved to know that Fr Peter is there to guard the relics from “schismatic” folks praying there, so that the relics don’t because “schismatical” or anything.

In the opinion of this writer, Fr Peter– whoever the clergyman in question may be– owes a few people (including St John of Shanghai) a serious– and public– apology for such incredibly poor hospitality. especially as a guardian of a temple with relics of a recent saint of our days. Politics should never trump a pious pilgrimage.