Ukrainians Trust Church, Media, and Military says Report

June 06, 2013 In a rather interesting reverse to the situation in Serbia, a new report states that Ukrainians most trust the Church than any other large institution in society. The numbers, according to the reported figures, are about +50% (with the media and army trailing behind).  11% of respondents say they trust the military, and near 25% the media.  In the case of Serbia,  only 41% responded with positive views of the Serbian Patriarchate, with 42% stating a positive view of the army in Serbia.

In Ukraine, there are several large competing religious denominations. The largest, altogether, are those who profess Eastern Orthodoxy, among which are the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kievan Patriarchate, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalous Church.  The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is also another body existing in Ukraine, that adheres to communion and dogmatic unity with the Roman Catholic Church, and acknowledges the authority of the Vatican.  There are also smaller religious bodies that profess Eastern Orthodoxy, such as the more conservative True Orthodox Churches, but, so far, they are a smaller minority than all the others.

In Serbia, on the other hand, the Serbian Patriarchate, which is the ‘Official Orthodox’ Church and state sponsored, has been riddled with corruption and scandal charges  for some time now. The Serbian Patriarchate has had no reason or pressure put on it to reform its situation. On the other hand, the various competing Ukrainian jurisdictions have had to ‘compete’ for members, as well as having such proportional shares in the population that it would be political untenable for the government to overtly favour one group over the other (thus, removing the temptations and corruptions, that, sadly, have historically been associated with close state-Church cooperation).