Uniates in Ukraine call for “Primitive Unity” with the Orthodox

Hat tip: M.C.

(Interfax) – The leader of the Uniates Lubomir Husar called for the unification of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the self-proclaimed “Kiev Patriarchate and Ukrainian autocephalous Orthodox Church, as well as the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in one local Church of the country.

“We have a desire to see these four branches back to the primitive unity. But this unity will not be the same as in the times (prince), Vladimir (Grand – IF),” – said the head of Church in Tuesday’s press conference Kiev.

According to L. Husar, the establishment of a united church of Kiev should occur in the form of participations – need to combine faith and traditions of each of the branches to leave. “We are all equal … We are the same can be only in the holy faith. And those already operating time, tradition, way – this is secondary. We must learn to be tolerant to each other, take it, do not insist that we must all become like one or another branch “, – the head of the Uniates.

In the view of L. Husar, Patriarch, who will head one local church, could belong to any of the four branches, and the spiritual center of the united Church will be Cathedral of St. Sophia in Kiev.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church came under the Brest union in 1596 to unite the Orthodox and Catholic churches in the territory of the Commonwealth with the recognition of the primacy of the Pope and a number of Roman Catholic canon, while maintaining the Eastern rite.

After the Lviv Cathedral Church in 1946 has been eliminated, although continued to operate illegally in the western regions of Ukraine and abroad. In 1989, the Church in fact was re-legalized as a result of diplomatic agreements between Mikhail Gorbachev and Pope John Paul II.