WEB-REVIEW: www.InternetSobor.org

Review – Summary (8/10):If you can look past its jurisdictional polemic, InternetSobor.org could well be positioning itself as the foremost Traditionalist Orthodox News Site in Russia– and has accomplished this feat in a matter of months. DJS

Occasionally I run across a website that has worthwhile content, some polemics we don’t necessarily agree with, but looks pretty amazing. When we do, we generally advise it as another source of news (because, unlike when we started NFTU nine years ago, news is much more plentiful and cost-effective to report all over the world) and today, your editor in chief has found another site from which to get lots of “good stuff”.

Time to get out your Google Translate, because InternetSobor.org looks like it plans to be the largest Internet project run by ROCOR-A folk yet.

Apparently started in October of last year, the Russian-language InternetSobor.org is an unofficial ROCOR-A news site covering a variety of Orthodox traditionalist jurisdictions (to be frank, not always positively) as well as the Sergianists and Ecumenists utilizing the full power of social media and modern internet communications. With a dizzying array of news and social connections, including a forum, we have to admit this is one very useful site.

Why, it even has a radio program playing 24/7. What a unique idea!

That said, bookmark this site to get another source of news from a ROCOR-A perspective. You can bet we will. I may disagree with their some of their polemics, but wow, that site looks good.