Well-Known Super Heretical Antiochian Metropolitan George (Khodyr) Calls for “Religious Unity” with Muslims and Druze

September 4, 2015 (Source: http://www.annahar.com)

(Originally reported on May 27)

Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Mount Lebanon Georges Khodr presided at the divine liturgy in the Church of Saint Michael in Dhour Shoueifat to bless the building of the Mitri Jirji Murr Social House net to the church. Celebrating with him in the service was the parish priest, Fr Elias Karam and Deacon Georges Shalhoub, with a crowd of parishioners and neighbors in attendance.

After the Holy Gospel and the offering of prayers and blessings for the building project, which is funded by Dr Georges Mitri, Metropolitan Georges gave a sermon in which he said, “I, the head of the Orthodox Church in this region, say– we are one with the Druze monotheists. You must live this, not just as religious rhetoric, daily in social life, in the relations between families, in friendship and in love.”

He added: “You Christians, prove that you are one with the Druze in this region, and also with the Muslims. If you do not do this, I do not recognize you. May the Lord help us all to remain one people.”

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Antiochian Metropolitan George (Khodyr) in Mt. Lebanon has been known far and wide by those who have followed him and Orthodoxy in the Middle East. As one Orthodox monk who lived in Lebanon told me, “He destroyed whatever of Orthodoxy was left, REAL ORTHODOXY, as opposed to the show, in Lebanon.”

Metropolitan George is well-known for his belief that all ‘devout followers of any religion’ will go ‘to Heaven’, that ‘all who die for a cause they believe in are to be account martyrs and will be rewarded’, as well as his belief in praying with Muslims, Druze, and any other group. Oh, yes, and his claim that Old Testament is mythology, folklore, and that you can’t really trust it because the ‘Jews corrupted it to claim Palestine’. He’s an ecumenists ecumenist, and a super-transreligious syncretist.

What claim does he have after teaching these heresies to be an Orthodox Christian and bishop is beyond any reasonable person. He’s not Orthodox, he’s an heretic. So is the entire Antiochian Patriarchate. Notice that not a single word is raised against him by any Antiochian Bishop or cleric; not a single protest. Not a peep. So, it’s not so strange that no one cares about any fundamental dogmatic issues that have attacked Orthodoxy in the 20th century, such as modernism and ecumenism, since Antioch is modernist and ecumenist to the core.

And, of course, the excuse is always, “Fear of the Muslims,” to justify any and every single thing said.  By the same logic the early Orthodox Christians should have called for ‘unity with Paganism’. But, they didn’t.