World Orthodoxy: Antiochian Archdiocese Trustee threatens Dissenters

Well, it appears to be sinking to a new low over the issue of Antiochian autonomy. Apparently crazed followers of Metropolitan Philip are now threatening parishoners with implied violence.

This is starting to get ugly…. NFTU

( Eight men were chosen by Metropolitan Philip to represent him to the June 2009 meeting of the Synod of Antioch. Of the five who spoke Arabic, two were laymen, Walid Khalife and Fawaz El Khoury. Besides being Archdiocesan Trustees, the two share at least one other thing in common: past trouble with fraud.

As questions began being raised on the internet as to how the two fraudulent documents came to be accepted by Englewood as authentic texts (when eight representatives of the Archdiocese were present during the meeting, many of whom spoke Arabic, including Khalife) Khalife grew increasingly belligerent – not only towards the Bishop, but to others. Having expressed concern to the Archdiocese (with a copy to Khalife) after reading the Bishop’s clergy letter, Fr. Patrick Reardon, noted Antiochian writer and priest of Chicago’s All Sain’st parish received the following letter from Khalife:

“Dear Father Patrick, If you do not agree of me with the disrespect of Auxillary Bishop Mark, so you should not answer my emails. If you are a good father and a good Preist, you should stand faithfully behind Met Philip and Bishop Antouns and you should not take sides on the dirty emails that has been going between others. i really disrespect and i will never obey Mark as a Auxillary Bishop in Toledo and this person should go back where he was a born and a person like Mark who lives on a house of Glass should not throw stones on other people and specailly when he said the word Immigrant.The only wish i have to face in my life is to face him and show him a good lesson, how a person should behave .i hope my dreams will come true and i will teach him a good lesson how to be a good person.Walid Khalife”

What a “good lesson” means was perhaps clarified by Khalife in an email later that same day to Reardon’s Parish Council President, Mr. Stephen Keller:

Your ignorance and stupidity does not change the facts. I believe that you are not an Antochian Orthodox person to know the facts. The Holy Synod agreed in his 24 th of Februray and affirmed the decision of the Auxillary Bishop on June17th, You are a person that like sto play with the fire and i hope we can settle this issue face to face one day because you dont know who i am and i wont let anybody talk to me and emailing me with that stupid answer. You should go to the s— house and cover yourself with the lies. I have been loyal to my church in Lebanon since i was born and i am since loyal to my church St. George in Troy since i came to this country in the late 70’s and i am still loyal to our Archiodecse and thousand percent loyal to our Met. Philip You and other stop using the internet and be loyal to your faith. One day you are going to see the devil and regret what you have been doing. And you dont know what is devil, i will assure you and make sure you will meet him one day.