World Orthodoxy: Serbian Orthodox Church removes Bishop Artemije from power

Getting rid of the “extremists” only three weeks after Irenej’s election? Impressive. We need to add a “fighting from within” category.Hat Tip: F.S. Related: Artemije was anti-ecumenist, disciple of Fr Justin Popovich

(B92) It was stated that a process will begin against Artemije for confirming canonical responsibilities, after the Synod confirmed that he was incapable of responsibly running his eparchy and implementing the decisions of the Synod and Church leadership.

The SPC Synod met earlier in the week to discuss Artemije after he refused to cooperate with a commission of bishops sent to investigate financial affairs at the Gračanica monastery, which is the seat of the Kosovo eparchy.

Eparchy of Bačka Bishop Irinej said that Artemije’s suspension will last until the investigation is completed, adding that none of his eparchial rights will be taken from him, but he will not have any control over the work of the eparchy.

The Synod stated that there were “problematic transactions” within the Raško-Prizren Eparchy which Artemije was indirectly responsible for, because he did not check the decisions made by his associates.

The Synod will be pressing criminal charges against Artemije’s colleagues that are found to be responsible for the financial abuses.

Several hundred religious followers, monks, and priests who support Artemije gathered in front of the Patriarchy building in Belgrade today, during the Synod meeting, with police also present.