Abp ANDRONIK (ROCOR-A) of Syracuse: Paschal Epistle

of the Right Reverend Andronik
Archbishop of Syracuse and St. Nicholas

March 1427, 2012
St. Mary of Egypt

Honorable fathers, dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Christ is Risen!

By the Mercy of God we are here to celebrate the greatest and most joyful Christian feast day – “the feast day of all feast days and celebration of all celebrations” – the Radiant Resurrection of Christ – Holy Pascha.

How fortunate are we Orthodox Christians that we have such a divine feast day, when we can forget all the everyday misfortunes and woes of this deceitful earthly life and every year enjoy “this good and radiant celebration”! There is truly no other faith as joyful as our Orthodox faith. That is because it is imbued with the joy of the Resurrected Lord. Christ’s Resurrection is the cornerstone of our holy faith.

It is notable that in these days only our Holy Orthodox Church celebrates “this proclaimed and holy day” as it was celebrated by the early Christians in ancient times. This alone is powerful proof of the truth of our Holy Orthodox faith and its preeminence among all other faiths that call themselves “Christian,” but who have deviated from Holy Orthodoxy.

“May we celebrate this mighty and radiant feast day,” exhorts St. John Chrysostom, “of the Lord’s Resurrection! May we celebrate it together joyfully and honorably, as the Lord is resurrected and has resurrected all of creation with Him.” May we sing in praise with all the faithful the song:


Archbishop of Syracuse and St. Nicholas

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