Fr. Gregory Williams On His Trip to Haiti, Donations Needed

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July 14, 2012
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July 14, 2012

Fr. Gregory Williams On His Trip to Haiti, Donations Needed


Father Gregory Williams, the head of the Haitian Orthodox Mission and the Rector of Annunciation Church in Liberty, Tennessee, recently returned from a trip to Haiti and sent along the following message:

“Blessings! Home again, safe and (at least apparently) well. It was a good and useful trip, no more wearing than usual. One incredible traffic jam (an hour to move what usually takes less than 10 minutes), but at least I got where I was going all in one piece (including the car) back to Mission House from Jacmel. I bear greetings from your Haitian brothers and sisters, and thanks for your support and caring.
“Time for a plea: We were most fortunate this year to be able to arrange the shipment of the container of food assistance (about $25,00  worth, absolutely free except for transport costs) considerably earlier than in past years — and shipping from Ft. Lauderdale rather than northern IL, at a substantial savings in shipping costs. I don’t yet have a final figure, but it should be under $5000, rather than $7000+ as  in the past. Please do whatever you can to help!”

 All business correspondence and donations for the Haitian Orthodox
 Mission should be directed to: Haitian Orthodox Mission, 1180 Orthodox
Way, Liberty, TN 37095-4366, USA



  Father Gregory (Williams), the head of the Haitian Orthodox Mission, is preparing another shipment to Haiti. Father Gregory explains in information forwarded to::

“The last word is in on shipping costs for the container (12 tons of it!) of food relief for our children in Haiti — a tremendous saving  over previous years; down from over $6000 to $2500 (though of course still about $2000 more for distribution, preparation & serving in Haiti). We’ve received several generous donations (the first from Australia), but far more is needed. Remember — most of these kids live in one-room huts, and are lucky if they get anything to eat every day.”

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