Mother Fevronia of Knyazhevo Reposed

On July 11, 2012, Mother Fevronia, a nun in the convent Protection of the Mother of God  “Knyazhevo” under Bp. Photios of Triaditza, reposed in the Lord.  She had been diagnosed with cancer, yet had overcome the condition 20 years ago.  Mother Fevronia, age 79, was a long-time member of the monastery council, she had been responsible for the church services. She had also been important in teaching the sisters and clergy of the Bulgarian Church the Typikon and was responsible for preparing its church calendar for decades.

Mother Frevronia took active part in the Bulgarian True Orthodox activities resisting the new calendar reform and other heresies of the official patriarchal church.  Together with her sister according to the flesh, Mthr. Fevronia donated the land for the current cathedral of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God. Mthr. Frevonia was very dear to many of the monastics and clergy of the Bulgrian Church.

Memory Eternal!

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