Momentous Meeting of Hierarchs in Russia

As we speak, arrangements are ongoing for a meeting of the Synod of the True Russian Orthodox Church under Metropolitan Raphael involving the Primates of all their sister Churches, which will conclude with a definitive statement of communion between the alliance of Traditionalist Orthodox Churches which became a reality over the last year.

Metropolitan John of the Autonomous Metropolia of the Americas (presumably representing both the Metropolia and Milan, as Milan is now considered outside the communion) arrived about 10 hours ago with Fr Eugene, a Western Rite Monastic.

Metropolitan Anghelos of Avlonos arrived a couple of hours ago, with, from what we can see of the pictures a delegation of two Bishops. Metropolitan Gervasie of Bulgaria’s delegation is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Many of the pictures are incredible.

Pictures from the TOC-PC’s Facebook are here.

Pictures and descriptions from the events unfolding are here and here on the True Russian Orthodox Church’s site.

In a rare instance, NFTU has a chance to glimpse into these stories as they happen, rather than after the fact. We will do our best to keep our readers posted on all the developments.