A Request For Assistance in France

As always, when we see a request we ask, so that our readers have ample opportunities to give alms and assist other Orthodox Traditionalists in need. This comes from the Monastery of the Nativity of the Theotokos in Nimes, France (Metropolitan Anghelos of Avlonos): we are confident that our readers will reach out to help. And no matter what the True Orthodox jurisdiction, if you need to ask for help, let us know so we can get it out to as many as possible! The original in French is linked above– NFTU

Dear Faithful and Friends,
Exhausted to the task and by age … Our copier-printer broke down! We were therefore obliged to change it.
We sought a material that is strong while being as economical as possible in terms of runs. Despite this, replace this tool is absolutely essential for the proper functioning of the church at a cost.
The bill for this new device amounts to € 1200 (ink included)
In addition, rental of premises, insurance, electricity, and the various ancillary costs (building maintenance, supplies for the Liturgy (bread, wine, oil lamps …) must each month, we do find a sum averaging € 1,500 per month. The Brothers who work (small jobs), such as those in retirement (pensions are also very modest …), well as service all contribute to these operating costs. Each of them to live must provide rent, food, water bills and electricity, insurance …
It is important to remember that our Fraternity touches absolutely no help or any remains of the state or the Mother Church (Greece).
Monks also that every Sunday, serving the church, celebrate baptisms, weddings, funerals and other offices to them asked, must come from below (Marseille, the Cevennes …). All this is done at their expense because they require nothing for these services.
With confidence and humility we use your understanding and your love.
Help us so that we can continue to be at your side at all stages of your life. Nothing will happen without you!
Each person who donated a right to receive a legal tax deduction on their taxes, we send your request.
You can send a check payable to: Orthodox Monastery of Nimes. 794812A 03300 account. LCL Nimes.
Address: Monastic Orthodox Nativity of the Mother of God 7, rue des Marchands – Passage du Vieux Nîmes – 30000 NIMES tel / fax: 04 66 21 68 94.
Thankfully, receive our fraternal and prayerful thoughts.
Monks and Abbot.