Ailing Bishops of Greece – Lord Have Mercy!

Current status of various Bishops in the TOC of Greece?

When Archbishop Auxentios of Athens and All Greece reposed in the Lord in 1994, having failed to reconcile with the parishes of Archbishop Chrysostomos, Metropolitan Maximos of Kephalonia was elevated to the throne of Athens on January 7, 1995.

It has now been revealed that for three years, Archbishop Maximos has tried to contact Metropolitans Kallinikos and Efthymios of the Synod of Archbishop Makarios. According to sources, attempts have failed due to his health and because once he fell ill in a large Convent under his Omophorion, the Abbess has not allowed any bishops, even the ones he consecrated to the episcopacy in Greece, to visit him. Laymen went to visit the Archbishop today, only to be told “The Archbishop is ill. Go away!” We pray that the ill Bishop will be able to be in contact with his brother bishops in the near future.

Metropolitan Cyprianos of Oropos and Fili is still reported to be on “life-support” for reasons unknown. It is said that some of the faithful of Metropolitan Cyprianos believe he will rise from his bed, though physicians in Athens state it is unlikely at this time.

One source tells us Metropolitan Athanasios of Larissa, whom has been solitary for over a decade, is extremely ill. His priests are commemorating Archbishop Chrysostomos of Athens. Metropolitan Athanasios is reported to be so ill that his Protosyngelos is making decisions on his behalf, against the Metropolitan’s Final Testimony that he wanted to remain solitary until his repose. Metropolitan Niphon of Pireaus is equally as ill as Metropolitan Athanasios of Larissa and is in the same situation. His Protosyngelos, Archimandrite Nilos, has taken control over his large monastery, leaving the Metropolitan bed-ridden.

Finally, we regret to report that Metropolitan Athanasios of Archanon and Neas Ionas (retired) is ill as well. He resides in his monastery under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Makarios of Athens.

We write this news with great sorrow, as no one wishes harm to anyone, Orthodox or not Orthodox. (Special thank you to Father Epiphanios for this translation into English)