GOC-Makarios Synod Priest Leaves — Joins the Independents

(NFTU) Archpriest Chariton Rigas, originally with the Synod of Makarios of Athens, has left to join an independent jurisdiction, apparently since he wished to commune New Calendarists. This was unacceptable to the jurisdiction of Archbishop Makarios and the then Archpriest Chariton left his jurisdiction without any sort of release or paperwork. Little is known about this new jurisdiction, but their only parish to date is Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Trenton, New Jersey, served by the same Archpriest Chariton Rigas.

The new jurisdiction was formed by “Archbishop Timotheos of Athens and All Greece” who was eventually ordained by the infamous Joachim (Souris). He has consecrated bishops for America. One being a former member of HOCNA and ROAC, Archimandrite Ephraim (Bertolette). He now claims to be Bishop of New Jersey.

It also appears the new bishop has been having problems paying taxes and property issues. (English translation of Source by Archimandrite Epiphanios)