And in Local News, The Cure For Hurricanes: Ecumenism.

(Acadiana – The Daily Advertiser) …The days of conflict between church denominations, spurred on by differences in core religious beliefs, is quickly becoming a thing of the past, Morales said. There is a greater sense of harmony in the Acadiana religious community and continues to move toward a more ecumenical future.

“The church has evolved,” he said. “God raised a new generation of leaders. I don’t get to interact with those who cling to the old way of thinking because I never see them.”

St. Peter Church in New Iberia annually hosts a 10 a.m. Ecumenical Prayer Service on July 4, the event that kicks off the city’s Fourth of July celebration activity schedule. The service – attended religiously by members of the Jewish, Muslim, Methodist, Episcopal and other faiths – is not a Mass.

The basic idea behind the event is to open the dialogue between faiths to further interfaith efforts, according to the Rev. Charles Langlois, church pastor, ecumenism director for the Lafayette Roman Catholic Diocese and diocese representative to the Louisiana Interchurch Conference.

“Christ did not mean for his church to be divided,” Langlois said. “We should be one unified Christian faith.”