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(AGI) – Verona, Oct 18 – An ecumenical prayer opened the third working day of the national ecclesiastic convention in Verona. The celebration was held by Mons. Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Episcopal commission for ecumenism and dialogue, with the participation of Gennadios Zervos, metropolitan of the Italian Greek Orthodox archdioceses, and Gianni Long, president of the federation of protestant churches in Italy. Mons. Paglia defined the moment of prayer as a clear demonstration “of united hope”, whereas Long in his reflection focussed on the idea of ecumenical hospitality “which has already become a matter of fact between Catholics and Protestants in Italy”. Still, there was, he commented, the plague of xenophobia with regard to immigration. “Immigration”, he reminded, “and the reaction it implies is the most obvious phenomenon of our epoch. I hope that the love for the stranger professed in the Bible will be of great help to cope with the problems of our times”.