Announcement from Three Hierarchs Seminary (GOC-K)

Dear Friends of Holy Three Hierarchs,

Metropolitan Moses, our hierarchical moderator, has blessed us to announce a one year break from full-time Institute activities in order to work on constructing another, critically necessary resource for our Church at large: the creation of the “Living Waters” website, which will combine two functions: 1.  It will host a vast repository of curriculum material for Church schools and Orthodox education at home, arranged according to age level, Pre-K through Adult.  2.  It will host an ongoing series of discussion forums in which Orthodox educators – both Church school teachers and parents – will be able to discuss the best ways to take the material we are publishing and put it to work in the home and in the Church school.

Students of Three Hierarchs will be able to continue their studies through adult level forum discussions on Living Waters, and those Three Hierarchs students who wish to continue their studies at the certificate level may contact Fr. Steven Allen, who will provide tests and writing assignments to coordinate with the reading material being discussed on the current forum.  For regular forum participants, the amount of reading they do will be up to them, but for certificate students a specific minimum of reading will be required.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Seraphim Steger will lead our first Living Waters forum, assisted by Fr. Steven.  Dr. Steger has been putting a lot of work into constructing a very thorough, patristically oriented series of courses on the Old Testament, and he is going to bring the first-fruits of his labors – a fabulous reading list and extensive, illuminating notes on the Five Books of Moses and Joshua – to our first Living Waters forum, and thus we will be launching thew new site on a very strong note.  While Dr. Steger has become our important resource for in-depth research and locating the best reading material, Fr. Steven is our most experienced and adept discussion leader.  We invite you to participate in this soul profiting and joyous opportunity to immerse yourself in the teachings of the Holy Fathers on Sacred Scripture!

After devoting ourselves to Living Waters for a full-year, we plan to return to a full-time Three Hierarchs’ program.  Please pray for us, because we have a lot of work cut out for us.  The big picture is this:  we have now realized we have to re-situate our work at Three Hierarchs as part of a vast, multi-front educational offensive on the battlefield for our families’ souls, and so pastoral and catechetical work has to take precedence over the more purely academic.  Afterwards, with God’s help and by your prayers and support, we hope to return confidently and more effectively to the academic portion of our line of battle.

In Christ, the Word and Wisdom of God,

The Board & Staff of Holy Three Hierarchs Theological Institute

Anastasios Hudson is a freelance writer living in Reston, Virginia. He is the author of Metropolitan Petros of Astoria: A Microcosm of the Old Calendar Movement in America (2014).