Antiochian Patriarchate Changes By-Laws, All Bishops now Auxilliary Bishops

(NFTU) Things just get more and more mind-blowing in Antioch.

Changes were made to the by-laws this week with effects on all the Bishops. According to the decision of the Holy Synod, all Bishops are now auxilliary Bishops to either the Patriarch or the Metropolitan. Articles #75 and #76 define the Patriarch and the Metropolitan as the “reference points” (“locus”? “primate”? The English translation of the Arabic was done by Metropolitan Philip of the Antiochian Archdiocese and is suitably unclear) and point #77 makes all Bishops into auxilliaries (“all bishops within the Antiochian see are auxilliary Bishops and directly under their spiritual authority.”)

It would appear that the Antiochian Synod is submitting to Roman ideas concerning episcopal authority. Further, it seems the self-ruled Archidiocese is now ruled solely by one “self”– the Metropolitan. The canonical implications of this statement are amazing, and this author has no words that can adequately convey the outrageous implications of this text.