Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal holding press conferences, giving interviews

(source: Above is a link to the English translation of Metropolitan Valentine’s interview with radio Canada on recent events. Linked are other articles in recent days which we’ll put up here soon. This interview is interesting and sheds a lot of light on what is occurring, and deals with questions of legal matters and ecclesiology, other jursidictions, et cetera. Here is an excerpt about the seizure of the temples.

RC: Vladyka, the Institute of Religion and Law in the Slavic Legal Center believes that the court decision could be appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. You intend to continue this case?

MV: Must. We do not stop at nothing. Moreover, I fear for their believers. Here on Sunday, 150 people gathered there, and were such that they are ready to give life, that is, one woman even said that “I was here 80 years, I’ve got nothing not lose, I’ll take kerosene and burn them down in protest”. We started to sell … so sure, we’ll write and appeal to the Republic … yes (in all cases), as long as we have not triumphed, we will fight.

RC: As I understand it, you can count on the support of the flock?

MV: Of course, now– after the decision of the court, three times as many come, even those who have not visited before, or came there once, twice a year. And now and condolences go: «Oh, lord, where is their conscience? We know you–for your strengthening, we will pray … »This is how such conversations are now.