Pastoral visit of Abp John (Milan Synod) to Florida in pictures

(NFTU) Archbishop John of New York and New Jersey (Milan Synod) recently made a pastoral visit throughout the state of Florida, with pictures being posted on the weblog of Bp Abundius of Como.

The trip was the week following the feast of the Nativity, celebrated at the monastic center in New Jersey.

During his time he worked at the Protection of the Theotokos/St Hocio of Cordoba mission in Kissimmee (Orlando area), administered by Fr Juan Rios, and received in a number of monastics and clergy for both the Archdiocese and the Diocese of Seville, which administers Latin America, while working to assist in the establishment of a monastic brotherhood there and serving the needs of his flock.

Fr Juan Rios conducts services in English and Spanish, and has a parish of about 40 members.

His website is at