US-Backed Kurdish Forces Begin Looting Christian Villages in Iraq

November 20, 2014  (Source:

NFTU: How long until the Kurdish forces begin their ethnic cleansing? Everyone the United States has supported in the region seems to have the same objective of making sure their are no people claiming Christianity of any kind in the region.  First the Syrian ‘rebels’ are backed (when the majority were from Saudi Arabia, it’s prisons, etc), which ‘became’ ISIS.  Now the Kurdish forces that are supposed to be fighting ISIS to protect the Christian minority are dong this? I suppose those few thousand Syrian rebels that the US is talking about training will not prove ‘problematic’ at all.  The Kurdish forces are already engaging in moves that intentionally precipitated the refugee crisis, according to Assyrian writers. Lest anyone forget, the massive ethnic cleansing of all historically Christian peoples in the Middle East that happened in the early 20th century was a joint venture of Islamic forces led by the Ottoman government and the Kurdish tribes, as well as Arab militias. The majority of the Orthodox Assyrian population (those Assyrian Nestorians who converted to Orthodoxy in the tens of thousands years before) were massacred; not to mention the other Orthodox killed in similar actions in Asia Minor, as well as various heterodox groups which suffered deaths in the millions as well. Even abandoned ancient monasteries aren’t exempt from Kurdish vandalism.  Do many Americans still wonder why the Christian populace that was driven out of Iraq, as well as many others, preferred Saddam to all this insanity?


Originally reported on November 15

Residents of Telsqof, an Assyrian town that was captured by ISIS and liberated by Kurdish forces three months ago, are reporting that their homes are being looted by Kurdish forces, who are in control of the town. According to a report by, multiple residents have stated that homes are being broken into and property being stolen.

ISIS occupied Telsqof for ten days beginning on August 7 but was forced out on August 17 by Kurdish peshmerga. According to residents, only 20 homes were occupied by ISIS, as well as the church, which was not disturbed. After the peshmerga took control of the town on August 17, residents observed that homes and stores began being ransacked, apparently in search of gold, money and weapons.

On August 24 a second wave of looting occurred when a new unit of peshmerga took control of the town, and this group began stealing televisions and other electronics. A week after that a third peshmerga unit moved in and began systematically looting electrical appliances such as blenders and food processors, as well as gas cylinders, white oil drums and even curtains, rugs and carpets.

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